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Since the  establishment of HANMI SAFE in 1998  by BUI CANH TRUNG SON, NTD GROUP has been steadily strengthening its business with innovative management  under   the   banner   of  "The  process   of business  is the process  of innovation  and the result of innovation  is the result of the business.
In 2007,  MIRAE BUSINESS CENTER was acquired  and the company was expanded to real estate development business.  In 2009,  Cambodia  tapioca  farm  started  its business   and  started  to  work  in  agriculture   sector business in earnest
In 2014,  NTD AGRICULTURE was established to start tapioca  starch  manufacturing  business.  In 2016,  NTD MODIFIED STARCH was  established and  started to ente into high value-added  modified starch business
In 2017,  NTD INDUSTRIAL PARK was  established to start   the   DongHa   Industrial  Park  project   and   the ECO-LAKE CITY residential  development  project. Tapioca Food Processing  Division has established NTD SINGAPORE and NTD KOREA in 2017 and is laying the groundwork for expanding  its business  scope  to Singapore  and Korea  to grow into a global company.  In addition, NTD SOLAR ENERGY was established  to promote the solar PV business.
In  2018,   the   real  estate   business   will  continue   to develop  the BINH THUAN new industrial complex and enter   the  new  RENTAL SERVIECED FACTORY business.  The  Food  Processing  Division  will begin  the production of MALTODEXTRIN and the second MODI- FIED STARCH factory  to  reinforce  NTD's market dominance in the global TAPIOCA market.
TAY  NINH  TAPIOCA PRODUCTS  CLUSTER, which combines   the   real   estate  business   with   the   food processing  business, will be the first experiment in real estate development  and food processing  business.
NTD GROUP will continue  to grow  through  selection and focus on the food processing business  and the real estate development business,  securing  strong  market leadership  through  differentiation  through  innovation, and actively  engaging  in new businesses.  We will build a new growth engine